The Festival
The Air Festival
Like something out of a dream about deserted islands, lush jungles, open sea and white sands, comes Air Festival— a gathering like no other, set on a tiny island off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia.

For our third year we are weaving in elements of performance, ceremony, activism and the sacred into our spaces. 2017 brings with it the acute need to wake up and tune in, to stand strongly in our best selves, to activate our fondest wishes and desires for the future. This year we come not just to have a good time, but to have the best time, understanding that when we raise our individual vibrations, we generate more joy for the collective. This year we create our righteous dancefloor under the stars with even more intention and love.

Air Festival 2017 will leave as little trace as possible on its surroundings We are committed to leaving the beautiful island of Gili Air better than we found it— offering support to the local community in the way of waste removal and reduction and renovations at the local school.

This year we are challenging ourselves to go completely plastic free!
The Air Stage
The center of it all, where the Festival started from it’s humble origins , will play host to international and local electronic music acts. Commencing from sunset to sunrise.

The Awan Stage
New this year, the Air Festival’s other stage, the Awan, holds the possibility for connection with different forms of music from around the world— from Bali, to Morocco to the Americas, the Awan gathers music and artists from all the directions. Here we find elements of ritual and the sacred, as well as organic sounds and grounded tones. Come here to relax, to dance at a different pace, and freshen up your vibe.

The Kapal Stage
Highly curated lineups from our friends and family around Asia and Australia run by the Don and Dame of underground Bali nightlife.

There will be party boats from Serangan Harbor to Gilli Air and back as well as sunset boat party on Saturday and Sunday.

The Island
The Air Festival
Our home on Gili Air
Truly a vision of paradise, the Gilis are three tiny islands fringed by white-sand beaches and coconut palms, floating in a turquoise sea. Gili Air, the only one of the Gilis with fresh water (paradoxically, air means water in Indonesian), is a bit more chill than its sister island Gili Trawangan, and boasts some of the nicest beaches and snorkeling in the area. The Gilis have become increasingly known for their beauty and tranquility. Just a ride around the island on a cidomo, the horse-drawn carriage that is the Gili’s primary mode of transport, and you’ll fall under the spell. The Gilis are pretty laid back. Locals are accustomed to tourists and enjoy joking and chatting with visitors. Bathing suit and mellow beach attire is totally fine. However, please keep in mind that the islands are Muslim, and keep the bikinis on the beach and not in the village in the center of the island. You will hear the call to prayer from the mosque five times a day. Please be respectful of local religion and customs. When in doubt, be polite and never, ever use foul language or gestures.
About Gili Air
Gili meaning island in the language of this place. Air meaning not air, but water. It’s one of three tiny islands floating in the archipelago between Lombok and Bali. There are no cars here. Horse-drawn carriages and bicycles only. No combustion engines. You can walk around the entire island in an afternoon, if that. Gili Air is unique amongst the Gilis, as it is the only island with its own fresh water.
This is of particular significance to us as we seek to support the interconnectivity of all things, as all waters of the world are connected.
Air is more than just a festival. We have a long term commitment to the island’s people and it’s sustainable development. A portion of each ticket sold goes towards funding three of our partner organizations on the island:

The local Primary School
Gili Cares, for proper collection, recycling, and disposal of waste
The weather on Gili is perfect, if not a little warm. Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and anything else you would bring for a weekend on the beach. Important to note: credit cards are not accepted at most bars and restaurants, so please bring at least as much cash (Indonesian Rupiah) as you think you will need for the weekend. If you run out there are ATMs on the sunrise side of the island.
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit
  • Shorts
  • Lightweight clothing
  • Hat
  • Anything to protect against the sun
  • Sandals
  • Mosquito repellant
  • All the cash you will need for the weekend
  • Lightweight rain jacket or umbrella in case it rains
  • Good Vibe
Getting to the Island
We will be offering two boat transportation options:
1 - Limited Capacity party boat (100 people)
2 - Regular fast boat from Serangan Harbor
If you are taking one of our boats
DO arrive in Serangan harbor by 12pm on the 31st March.

KNOW that your package includes roundtrip transportation from the Seminyak area to the port at Serangan, where you will catch the fast boat to GIli Air.

The address for Serangan Harbor is as follows:
Jl. Suwung Batan Kendal No.8C, Sesetan, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80223
If you are taking one of our boats
Once you arrive on Gili Air, you will find our welcome center right when you get off the boat.

A member of the Air team will be available to check you in and give you a wristband.

For your return to Bali, meet at the harbor, directly across from Coffee and Thyme (our fave coffee spot), at 2pm on Monday, April 3rd.
If you have not purchased a boat trip through us

You will need to find your own way to Gili Air. From Padang Bai and during high season from Serangan, there are fast boats that go to the Gili’s and Lombok.
Make sure you get on the right boat, and get off on the right island.
Some boats going to Gili Air stop first on GIli Trawangan or Lombok.
Once you arrive on Gili Air, go to our welcome center at the port to purchase your festival wristband.

This year we are not providing accommodation packages,
so please refer to a website such as or to book your own room.
and the rest
Q: I haven’t received my ticket? How do I get it?
A: After purchasing a ticket on our website, you will receive an email with your ticket confirmation. If it’s not in your inbox, check your spam folder. If you are still having issues, please contact us directly at [email protected]
Q: Which port on Bali is the boat leaving from to go to GIli Air?
A: All Air Festival organized fast boats will leave from Serangan Harbor. You can also book fast boats from Padang Bai harbor.
Q: How do I get to Serangan harbor?
A: If you purchased boat transport with us, you can arrange pick up by bus from the boat company or go directly to Serangan harbor one hour before departure time.
Q: If I can’t make the boat on March 31st, is my package valid to take a boat on another day?
A: No. Our only includes boat transportation from Bali on March 31st and returning from Gili Air to Bali on April 3rd at 1pm (noon).
Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions about my ticket?
Q: If I want to extend my trip on Gili Air? Can I do that?
A: Sure! You will have to change your boat tickets at the port in Gili Air.
Q: What’s the weather like? What should I wear?
A: Not much… Think tropical beach. Dress accordingly.
Q: Do I need to get a visa in advance?
A: Probably not, but just to be sure, check this website: If you come from one of the 140 countries on the 30 day free tourist visa list you will be given that automatically by the Immigration agent at the counter. If you plan on staying in Indonesia longer than 30 days it’s better to pay extra and get a 60 day visa at the visa counter before you go through the Immigration line. It’s cheaper and less complicated to extend on arrival then doing it later through a visa agent.
Q: Where do I sleep in-between partying.
A:This year we empower our guest to find their own accommodation. You can look for many options to stay in Gili Air on or to book your own room.